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Used & refurbished x-ray imaging equipment. associated x-ray imaging corp. sells used & refurbished x-ray imaging equipment from some of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging systems and supplies. these include but are not limited to: konica, canon, viztek, fuji, agfa, sony, quantum, del medical, summit/amrad, ge, and hitachi.
This price is also available for emergency services, with no inpatient admission, if paid-in-full within 14 days of hospital visit. the average direct pay price is the average price a self-pay patient will pay when having this procedure. arrangements can be made to pay over time. the average total charge is the estimated average total charges a person will experience when having this procedure. to schedule an x-rayu2026
Pricing, pros, and cons for 3 tiers of digital x-ray equipment: used analog x-ray with dr, new analog x-ray with dr, and native digital x-ray. ... 3 price points for digital x-ray equipment options. ... unit. these are, by far, the most expensive way to go digital. they offer big advantages over cr in terms of image processing times.
Over the years, with various insurance plans, i have paid $50-$250 co-pay for hospital er, and $25 average co-pay to see a doctor when i was sick. at $22.50 cost after insurance reimbursement, the urgent care facility, which did not accept insurance, still managed to be not only the cheapest, but also the fastest resolution to my fracture.

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